Tattoo Regret

As you can tell I’ve gotten some new tattoos. Now I’m not sure if I should have gotten them {sads}. I liked them when I first got them or else I wouldn’t have gotten them. Each one is a symbol of something in my life. But these tatts were done private instead of going to an ink parlor so part of the problem is they look cheap and probably need to be re-inked. Also I’m not exactly sure if I really wanted these tattoos for life. I’ve heard ppl start to suffer from ‘tattoo regret’ n I hope I am not one of them. But by this time I think I am. It would’ve been different if I had gotten a dozen body piercings cos if I get tired of them I just take out the jewelry n let the holes close. Tattoos are for life. Well there is laser removal. But most of the ones I have are in areas I don’t think they could use a laser. So this leaves me with the fact that I am stuck with all of my tatts for the rest of my life. I better teach myself that I can’t get rid of tattoos whenever I decide I am mentally over them. I wish that I would have spent time n thought about these tattoos before I actually went thru with them. But I was too impulsive. If tattoo regret is what I am going to suffer from ok I might as well try my best to deal with it. }Scarlet{

Scarlet 7

Emo Girls

Why do boyz like emo girls like me? They tell me my long hair is amazing n my hair color rocks and my eyes. Believe it or not I’m a natural blond n went redhead for my original emo look to match my emo girl name Scarlet Angel. Then for a while early this summer I did a contrast of blond and brunette with a few extensions just to switch it up (see pic). The same old look gets boring to emo girls. An emo girl n her look are always changing like her moods n emotions. Hey I got a few new emo tattoos (not sure if I like?) plus lip n eyebrow piercings. I don’t always wear my lip piercings just when I want to look fierce like my snakebites. Boyz like tatts n piercings n body art on an emo GF cuz it shows our dark rebellious sexiness n expression of individuality. Reflects our deep emo soul. Plus boyz like our pale skin n kewt emo girl bodies. Some boyz have told me I look like a doll? Remember that fn asshole-e-o who told me I looked like a troll doll well I’m not fn talking that type of doll but… Boyz think emo girls are edgy not like regular girlz next door yknow lil miss pure n innocent chicks. That’s so not me. Most boyz assume we smoke weed n do other stuff maybe true. We all need to trip off reality sometimes right? }Scarlet Angel{

Quoth the Raven Nevermore – Goth Symbolism

I totally covet this hair accessory. A hair band with a silver Raven n Raven feathers. Gawd I must have it. Ravens are very goth.

Goth Raven Hair Band

So are crows. They steal our souls if we have them. Crows are also the symbol of death. Some gothics will keep a dead crow in a box in their apartment or bedroom so the smell of death is there. Death is all around us anyway. I wouldn’t go that far. I like my place clean but my mind dirty n dark.

I read n re-read the poem The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe that poet was goth. All the stuff he wrote he was definitely goth before goth was goth. Was he the first to make the Raven a dark symbol a symbol of madness? I think after reading the poem so many times it’s become like a mantra to me. The man in the poem had lost his true love and was dark depressed n crazed over it. Who doesn’t feel that way after losing their love? I lost my true love cos he moved n won’t even talk to me n now I have this lame whatever emo boy in my life who worships me but I hate how he’s so into me. I know if I tell him I want this hair band he’ll buy it. Maybe he’s really my emo slave. }Scarlet Angel{

PS the hair band is from

Goth Vixen Scarlet Angel’s Wage Slave Resume

I’ve had fn jobs I hated so I quit them. First one was fast food at one of the biggest burger hurlers. Believe me you never want to eat fast food ever again. I can tell you 100 reasons why and the first 2 involve food dropped on the floor and spit on. I worked at a big chain restaurant place. It sucked to be so smiley n polite and be required to put my hair back in a rubber band n barrette. I wasn’t allowed to wear black nail polish there, the boss said it was too *scary*. Red was ok but black wasn’t. Ponder that. I was a barista. I could be my Goth or Emo Girl self. But I sucked. Made, burned and served coffee, lattes, espressos. I couldn’t do it fast enough. Ppl giving me disgusted looks. Quality takes time. No one cares abt quality. Ppl just want their shit fast. It was time to quit. Ticket girl at the art house cinema. At least I could wear my black nail polish and not have to put my hair back in a rubber band. Limited hours, pay was sucky. Got to see cool flicks for free. It was the only job I ever kinda liked. Then the theater couldn’t afford to stay open, the fucked economy. More jobs I won’t write abt cuz I don’t wanna bore you. I was fn sick of it all n said to myself: no more fucked up paycheck minimum wage slave name tag jobs. What’s a Goth Girl or Emo Girl to do when you just want to be yourself? Be a Goth Dominatrix. Phone sex. Talk to a Goth Vixen! }Scarlet Angel{

Scarlet 9

Goth Birthday Girl

It figures my birthday was the day the Rapture was supposed to happen. I was actually secretly wishing it would happen that all the religious freakos would get beamed up to heaven leaving us heathens to to take over the world n of course to fn party! I had to do a family birthday party appearance mostly just to collect checks from my mom n gran who was going on about the Rapture being blasphemous because it’s not in the bible. One of the earliest memories I have is my gran teaching me this sunday school song: the B-I-B-L-E that’s the book for me. I think early Christian religious brainwashing made it’s mark on me to become a non-believer in Christ.

Sooo…I kept waiting for the Rapture to see ppl floating up like balloons to heaven but nothing happened. I went to a Rapture party where everyone was supposed to party like there was no tomorrow. But some party ppl knew it was my birthday so I had to do more shots of Jager which has a blend of herbs in it that have some kind of time space warpage opioid effect on me. I got pretty fucked up. Then when I got home n fell asleep I had Rapture nightmares. Something some force was trying to take me to heaven n I didn’t want to go. I said I don’t belong there or in limbo I belong in hell where the eternal hellfires burn.

When Stephen Hawkings said there is no heaven he didn’t say if there was no hell. But he did say our brains are like computers and when they shut down – they shut down – and then there is nothing. We have no souls. I have to think about that more when I’m not fucked up or hungover n when I’m in the mood to think about deep shit like that.

Happy Birthday to Me! Dead inside cos I have no soul }Scarlet Angel{

goth birthday girl

Pretty Pale Goth Girl

What everyone wants to know and asks me is how do I keep looking pretty pale n goth girl in the summer. I don’t go out in the summer sun much. I’m not a vampire girl but I’m not a fan of the sun’s rays at all. I’m not a sun sign by birth therefore not into the fire of the sun tho my hair is fiery red. I’m really a blond girl born blond. I’ve dyed my hair every color from platinum to jet black n now red. I like scarlet red since it matches my name Scarlet Angel. So being blond naturally I’ve always had a sun sensitivity. Out in the sun? Instant sunburn or freckles. Now I use sunscreen if I’m even going to be out in the sun longer than 15 minutes. I don’t want to get a scarlet sunburn lol. I wouldn’t say I ever got a tan or even wanted one I’m not a California Barbie blonde. I probably don’t have the melanin or whatever in my skin to even go tan anyway. Some ppl say well being so pale looks unhealthy but the point is that if you are a goth girl you don’t want to look healthy. Pretty pale is our color in this world of all different colors of flesh. I could never or would never do a fake spray on orange tan. Who wants to look like an Oompa Loompa orange goth girl? You’ve seen the Oompa Loompas from the Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory movie? Yeah they were orange short people. I’m only 5′ 2 so I’d look like an Oompa Loompa goth girl if I got a spray on tan. I wish I could have skin as pale and creamy as my idol goth girl altgirl Stoya. Her skin is goth pale n perfect.

Stoya Nude