Goth Birthday Girl

It figures my birthday was the day the Rapture was supposed to happen. I was actually secretly wishing it would happen that all the religious freakos would get beamed up to heaven leaving us heathens to to take over the world n of course to fn party! I had to do a family birthday party appearance mostly just to collect checks from my mom n gran who was going on about the Rapture being blasphemous because it’s not in the bible. One of the earliest memories I have is my gran teaching me this sunday school song: the B-I-B-L-E that’s the book for me. I think early Christian religious brainwashing made it’s mark on me to become a non-believer in Christ.

Sooo…I kept waiting for the Rapture to see ppl floating up like balloons to heaven but nothing happened. I went to a Rapture party where everyone was supposed to party like there was no tomorrow. But some party ppl knew it was my birthday so I had to do more shots of Jager which has a blend of herbs in it that have some kind of time space warpage opioid effect on me. I got pretty fucked up. Then when I got home n fell asleep I had Rapture nightmares. Something some force was trying to take me to heaven n I didn’t want to go. I said I don’t belong there or in limbo I belong in hell where the eternal hellfires burn.

When Stephen Hawkings said there is no heaven he didn’t say if there was no hell. But he did say our brains are like computers and when they shut down – they shut down – and then there is nothing. We have no souls. I have to think about that more when I’m not fucked up or hungover n when I’m in the mood to think about deep shit like that.

Happy Birthday to Me! Dead inside cos I have no soul }Scarlet Angel{

goth birthday girl

Pretty Pale Goth Girl

What everyone wants to know and asks me is how do I keep looking pretty pale n goth girl in the summer. I don’t go out in the summer sun much. I’m not a vampire girl but I’m not a fan of the sun’s rays at all. I’m not a sun sign by birth therefore not into the fire of the sun tho my hair is fiery red. I’m really a blond girl born blond. I’ve dyed my hair every color from platinum to jet black n now red. I like scarlet red since it matches my name Scarlet Angel. So being blond naturally I’ve always had a sun sensitivity. Out in the sun? Instant sunburn or freckles. Now I use sunscreen if I’m even going to be out in the sun longer than 15 minutes. I don’t want to get a scarlet sunburn lol. I wouldn’t say I ever got a tan or even wanted one I’m not a California Barbie blonde. I probably don’t have the melanin or whatever in my skin to even go tan anyway. Some ppl say well being so pale looks unhealthy but the point is that if you are a goth girl you don’t want to look healthy. Pretty pale is our color in this world of all different colors of flesh. I could never or would never do a fake spray on orange tan. Who wants to look like an Oompa Loompa orange goth girl? You’ve seen the Oompa Loompas from the Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory movie? Yeah they were orange short people. I’m only 5′ 2 so I’d look like an Oompa Loompa goth girl if I got a spray on tan. I wish I could have skin as pale and creamy as my idol goth girl altgirl Stoya. Her skin is goth pale n perfect.

Stoya Nude

Tit Belt Smash – Emo and Goth Fashion Trend

I’m petite angelic and don’t have the big tit meat to pull off this trending emo and goth look. Emo and goth girls are wearing belts tight around their tits like this alt girl. They take these sexy self shots to upload to Instagram or Twitter. They do the tit belt smash to go out clubbing partying showing off their tits.

Tit Belt Emo Goth Fashion Trend

This emo girl could be saying life is squeezing her she can’t breathe! There is a lot of fashion symbolism in emo. But then there are emo and goth girls who flaunt the tit belt smash cuz they are kinky. The tit belt smash is a way to advertise they might like bondage they might like to be restrained that they might even like or want to be collared enslaved and ultimately they might be a gasper.

A gasper is a goth or emo girl who likes to be choked and denied the big O as in Oxygen while she’s getting fucked. This is supposed to make a girl have a super rush of a big O as in Orgasm.

Electrical Tape – Goth and Emo Girl Fashion Accessory

I went to a badass scene party last weekend. I dressed emo girl. One girl showed up wearing electrical tape x’d over her nipples with a metallic fiber knit see thru black spider web sweater, short black latex skirt n was rockin over the knee black latex boots. God I wanted to steal her shit but I didn’t have the height for an alt sex outfit like that I’m only 5 feet 2 inches barefoot. I would have looked like a Monster High redhead doll. Also at the party there was a cute steampunk girl in a futuristic n retro outfit with a raygun probably more expensive than the goth black spider girl outfit 100x but spider girl had all eyes on her.

I tried wearing electrical tape over my nipples once went to a party but when I got home I peeled the black sticky shit off it took my skin with it then I got this terrible rash ugh. I figured I’m allergic to the adhesive in the electrical tape so that was the start n end for me accessorizing with black electrical tape. I even gag n puke when I dye my hair am I too sensitive for this world too fragile? But I just endure it cos I have to change my hair when I feel the deep need to change. Am I more of an emo girl than goth girl by nature?

I think black electrical or graphic tape could be goth or emo girl fashion depending on the look a girl puts together. Here’s the way to wear electrical tape by goth altgirl icon Stoya!

Stoya Altgirl Goth Porn Star

Goth Punk Marching Bands and Fashion

One of my friends who is going to UT in Austin Texas texted me that he saw 2 Goth Punk Marching Bands at SXSW the big music festival. The marching bands were holding up traffic in a parade. They were playing a wild music mix of punk rawk goth squawk.

goth punk marching band

I should join a goth marching band. I can really play a musical instrument. I used to play clarinet I could buy one at a pawn shop n pick it up again. Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails he was in a marching band when he was in HS he played saxophone. But around here where I live I’d be lucky to find someone who even knew what a goth punk marching band was except maybe a few of my friends? Reminds me I have to text them to check my goth vixen blog for the latest thing I wrote as if they fn care…

The one thing I like about old marching band stuff is that it pops up in thrift shops n you can find cool looking jackets n vests especially if you’re into goth or steam punk. I wish I had the fn money to do steam punk. But steam punk fashion takes way more cash to get outfits together. You have to wear more leather gear n have more cool accessories. }Scarlet Angel{

Alt Girl Porn Girls

Altgirls are so hot right now. Joanna Angel altgirl icon won an AVN award (the awards are like Oscars for porn actors) for Best Live Solo Scene. I’ll have to check out that goth porn clip on a tube site. Joanna is not just a performer she also runs her own successful paysite for goth and altgirls.

Andi San Dimas was voted Best Actress for her role in This Ain’t Glee XXX and overall Best Female Performer. Andi has been getting crossover action including a part in a comedy horror film Night of the Punks and had a part in Drive with Ryan Gosling. She played a stripper.

Altgirl porn girls are definitely driving from Porn Valley to Hollywood (I can’t believe I wrote that lame shit). Sasha Grey has been on HBO’s Entourage and starred as an escort in the film The Girlfriend Experience. I like seeing any porn girls get out from under dicks and really act if they can act. I wouldn’t call what Jenna Jameson did acting in Zombie Strippers tho lately her face is making her look like a botox zombie. Life imitates art?