All About Me

Scarlet Lewd Angel Goth Vixen About Me

Name: }Scarlet Angel{ aka Goth Vixen

Age: I’m going to be 22

Tattoos: Yes!

Piercings: Yes n want more

College: Some classes in fashion n art

Goal: I don’t know just live life every day. I used to think it would be cool to work in a museum but that possibility seems fading away from me. It’s my fault I need to push myself harder

Goth or Emo: Both I’m a Gemini I switch

Music: Yes to Goth, Industrial, Metal, Electronica n Emo music but I’ll listen to other stuff to see if I like it

Favorite Book: I haven’t read it yet

Favorite Movie: Nosferatu, Let the Right One In, Twilight, Beetlejuice, The Hunger Games. I like vampire, horror n goth films. I have Netflix so I stream a lot of movies. I like to immerse myself in movies

Favorite Drink: I like Jagermeister n Red Wine their colors like fresh drawn blood seem goth to me

Favorite Color: Black black black

Pets: I have 2 black cats Twilight n Bella Swan (yes they are black kitties!)