Emo Girls

Why do boyz like emo girls like me? They tell me my long hair is amazing n my hair color rocks and my eyes. Believe it or not I’m a natural blond n went redhead for my original emo look to match my emo girl name Scarlet Angel. Then for a while early this summer I did a contrast of blond and brunette with a few extensions just to switch it up (see pic). The same old look gets boring to emo girls. An emo girl n her look are always changing like her moods n emotions. Hey I got a few new emo tattoos (not sure if I like?) plus lip n eyebrow piercings. I don’t always wear my lip piercings just when I want to look fierce like my snakebites. Boyz like tatts n piercings n body art on an emo GF cuz it shows our dark rebellious sexiness n expression of individuality. Reflects our deep emo soul. Plus boyz like our pale skin n kewt emo girl bodies. Some boyz have told me I look like a doll? Remember that fn asshole-e-o who told me I looked like a troll doll well I’m not fn talking that type of doll but… Boyz think emo girls are edgy not like regular girlz next door yknow lil miss pure n innocent chicks. That’s so not me. Most boyz assume we smoke weed n do other stuff maybe true. We all need to trip off reality sometimes right? }Scarlet Angel{