Goth Punk Marching Bands and Fashion

One of my friends who is going to UT in Austin Texas texted me that he saw 2 Goth Punk Marching Bands at SXSW the big music festival. The marching bands were holding up traffic in a parade. They were playing a wild music mix of punk rawk goth squawk.

goth punk marching band

I should join a goth marching band. I can really play a musical instrument. I used to play clarinet I could buy one at a pawn shop n pick it up again. Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails he was in a marching band when he was in HS he played saxophone. But around here where I live I’d be lucky to find someone who even knew what a goth punk marching band was except maybe a few of my friends? Reminds me I have to text them to check my goth vixen blog for the latest thing I wrote as if they fn care…

The one thing I like about old marching band stuff is that it pops up in thrift shops n you can find cool looking jackets n vests especially if you’re into goth or steam punk. I wish I had the fn money to do steam punk. But steam punk fashion takes way more cash to get outfits together. You have to wear more leather gear n have more cool accessories. }Scarlet Angel{

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