Goth Vixen Scarlet Angel’s Wage Slave Resume

I’ve had fn jobs I hated so I quit them. First one was fast food at one of the biggest burger hurlers. Believe me you never want to eat fast food ever again. I can tell you 100 reasons why and the first 2 involve food dropped on the floor and spit on. I worked at a big chain restaurant place. It sucked to be so smiley n polite and be required to put my hair back in a rubber band n barrette. I wasn’t allowed to wear black nail polish there, the boss said it was too *scary*. Red was ok but black wasn’t. Ponder that. I was a barista. I could be my Goth or Emo Girl self. But I sucked. Made, burned and served coffee, lattes, espressos. I couldn’t do it fast enough. Ppl giving me disgusted looks. Quality takes time. No one cares abt quality. Ppl just want their shit fast. It was time to quit. Ticket girl at the art house cinema. At least I could wear my black nail polish and not have to put my hair back in a rubber band. Limited hours, pay was sucky. Got to see cool flicks for free. It was the only job I ever kinda liked. Then the theater couldn’t afford to stay open, the fucked economy. More jobs I won’t write abt cuz I don’t wanna bore you. I was fn sick of it all n said to myself: no more fucked up paycheck minimum wage slave name tag jobs. What’s a Goth Girl or Emo Girl to do when you just want to be yourself? Be a Goth Dominatrix. Phone sex. Talk to a Goth Vixen! }Scarlet Angel{

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