Scarlet Angel Interview (continued)

Are you going to add more body art?

Oh yes definitely! I have places on my body where I want to put more body art. Tattoos. And piercings. When I can afford them.

Would you ever date anyone who didn’t have body art?

Yes! I’d just make them get body art or really hyper-encourage them! Unless they were allergic. Our bodies are blank canvases till we begin painting them, coloring them, decorating them.

Are you a natural redhead?

Of course! I am now! Hahaha. What is natural? This is how I was meant to look so it’s natural to me. Actually I am a blonde. I put Scarlet Flame red in now. My eyes are light hazel and my skin is pale so it looks so perfect on me don’t you think?

Do ppl say you look a lot like Liz Vicious?

Shouldn’t they be saying she looks like me? ok. Back to reality. I think she’s uber hott. And she’s famous and she makes a living doing what she loves, she lives *it*. Maybe I’ll be able to do that someday.

Do you avoid the sun to keep your skin so pale?

Yeah kinda. Or I use SPF 1000 lolol. I never could tan anyway. My skin is way too pale. I would just get freckles or sunburn. I guess my body doesn’t like the sun or metals. Someone told me I need to read abt Chinese elements. I haven’t read up on it yet but it’s something like we are either fire, earth, water, wind, metal. Am I not fire?

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  1. Youre way hotter than Liz Vicious =D

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