Hello World

Thx for checking out my blog The Lewd Angel. My photo gallery is going up in a few days. My gallery will have tease pics, but if you want to see more of me, you will have to pay. That’s the way it works. The best things in life aren’t free. For my photo gallery I did selfies for some of my pixx and someone who is kinda my bf but I can’t stand having him around me all the time cos he gets on my nerves, took some of the other pixx at my apartment.

Why am I doing with The Lewd Angel blog? It’s better than Facebook <-- super evil fuckers. Did you see The Social Network? Well then you know what I mean right? ok. I just want to express myself, show off to the world. Hello world! I'm a wild girl. Yeah so there will be pixx of me plus other goth and emo chicks who I find hott and stuff I want to write abt. I'm also going to be doing phone sex but not like phone fucking. I was thinking abt doing more I'm fn terrible on cam so I figured I'll just do it on the phone and make some videos. What I'll be doing is Fetish Phone Sex and Humiliation. I'm totally into Fetishes. As soon as I'm set up to do phone sex, you'll see it here on my blog The Lewd Angel. signed... }Scarlet Angel{ PS the }{ mean Angel wings

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