Interview with Scarlet Angel

Are you Goth or Emo?

Right now I’m more Goth Girl than Emo Girl. I started out as an Emo Girl but trended toward Goth. Sometimes I wake up n I can feel I’m going to more having more of a Goth or an Emo day so I dress and do my make-up and then I’m a Goth Girl or Emo Girl. It’s not an act, it’s a fn expression of who I am. But overall if I marked days on my calendar I have more Goth Girl than Emo Girl days. I have one Emo tattoo on one shoulder and one Goth tattoo (a Wiccan pentagram) on my other shoulder. I’m Gemini so I bear the burden of being born under the sign of the twins. I think that explains a lot about my dual nature.

So you’re Wiccan?

I’m delving in but I wouldn’t say I’m officially a witch. I like spellcasting. I like a religion where women hold positions of power and respect and where the religious hierarchy isn’t run by a bunch of old hypocrites and pervs.

Do you use your birth name?

Hardly ever. I want to change it when I have an extra thousand bucks to go to court and change it. I hate that we’re fn stigmatized by our birth names for the rest of our lives. My birth name is a pretty girl’s name but it’s not a name that fits me. I think ppl should be able to automatically change their names at age 18 to something they want not what their parents gave them. So I go by }Scarlet Angel{

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