Free Porn Video Binge Watching during Corona Virus

What can you do when you are super horny and in corona virus lockdown all by your lonesome? If you’re like me, you will be binge watching a lot of free porn and masturbating with your dildos and vibrators from your sex toy collection! My pussy has been perpetually wet since I have been indulging in all the porno gratuito I can! Honestly, I don’t think sexy chicks should have to pay for porn. Sexy chicks should get free porn passes, just like we get to sign up for most dating sites and hookup apps totally free.

One porn tube I found has absolutely no annoying ads on their site – It’s difficult to find free porn without ads, since advertising seems to pay for all the server space needed to host thousands of porno videos. But what I noticed about Besuconas is that their videos are curated so they don’t need mammoth servers to run the site. The site has a ton of porn categories to choose from, plus sub-categories and suggested videos once you’ve watched a selection. Nice features! So you can check out Amateur, Sado, Blondes, Brunettes, Redheads, Orgies, Lesbians, Teens, Mature, tetonas (which means Busty) and Masturbation clips just to list a few of the categories available for your viewing pleasure. I’ve been checking out the Masturbation videos and the Sado vids because I have a bit of a kinky streak as you know.

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UK Hookup Scene

Dating dilemmas seem to make up the story of my life. I’m always horny and I really don’t want to do the shipping thing (shipping as in relationshipping). It’s too much of an emotional drag. I would rather have dick than my dildo (including my vampire dildo) for the millionth time. Tinder seems to be a waste of time – a lot of swiping and chatting. I did a google search and found this site Horny Slags and it’s all about hooking up. Too bad it’s in the UK instead of the US. It’s free which is the right price. Seriously, who wants to keep shelling out cash on memberships for dating sites and hookup apps… If you’re in the UK, and I know my blog gets a lot of Brit traffic, you should check it out now. There are lots of girls on the site who want to meet up – single sluts, married MILFs and even daring duos (two girls).

It’s super easy to join. You verify your age, type in your email addy and a pass then begin your NSA adventure. Search for members in your area, chat with real girls (not bots!), swap naughty pics and phone numbers. So if you’re looking for UK hookups on a site that values your privacy – click!

Gothic Girl Lolita Dresses – Goth Fashion Statement

Lolita isn’t the book by Nabokov well Lolita is a book by Nabokov but in goth fashion Lolita is the term given to a Japanese street fashion trend inspired by clothing design of the Edwardian n Victorian eras. Japan has launched a lot of fashion trends in the alt scene like Hello Kitty for the Emo Girls, Cosplay plus Steam Punk.

Lolita fashion started in Japan about 20 years ago n has been adopted as a current goth fashion trend especially in the US n UK. As an Edwardian example see Helena Bonham Carter’s black gown she wore to the Oscars that I wrote about. Very Lolita style. She got fn ripped on the fashion blogs for the dress: like she looked in shambles, like she walked out of Dickensian novel, like she looked like a Dress Lodger*. But I knew what she was going for n I’m sure most Lolita fashion fans did too. I have a couple of Lolita dresses I bought on eBay Japan. But then I found this website with a lot of Lolita dresses not too out of reach spendy. I have my eye on this one:

Black Goth Fashion Lolita Dress

n this one:

Black Gothic Lolita Dress Fashion Trend

Likey? Mostly I wear Lolita dresses to parties cos otherwise ppl would think I work at the Renaissance Faire as a serving wench who brings tankards of mead to the wood plank table. Yeah the Ren Faire @ here gives a lot of jobs in the summer. I was thinking about applying if I run low on cash. Don’t I kind of have a medieval fairie girl look?

*Dress Lodger is a 19th century term for a London street prostitute who would take over the dress of a hooker who had died, typically of disease. Then when/if the girl died from same disease, the dress would yet again be passed on to the next unlucky prostitute. I learned about this sad fate in one of my Fashion Design classes. This would be an example of a Dress Lodger-esque Gothic Lolita Dress:


Dresses by

Vampire Dildo

The Vamp - Vampire Dildo

Have you ever fantasized about sex with a vampire? I have and I sexed it up with my dildo (the one named Zack I wrote about last month) to make the fantasy real. First I made the mistake of putting my latex Zack dildo in the fridge to chill it so I could feel what it was like to have a cold vampire cock inside but it left cracks in my Zack dildo because it wasn’t supposed to be chilled. But I found a real vampire dildo online at and I bought The Vamp dildo so I can feel the way it’s supposed to be if you’re getting fucked by a vampire. The Vamp is made from silicone so it can be chilled or warmed up. Of course I prefer the thrill of the chill. The vampire dildo has an amazing head on it. Just look at it. It hits my g-spot just right. And the ridge on the head, if you pop the vampire dildo in and out of your pussy while you are fucking yourself – it pulls on your pussy lips to make it feel like you are really getting fucked.

The Vamp also sparkles in the sunlight just like it says it will. Don’t worry it doesn’t sizzle and turn into ash lol. Don’t try to chill down your regular dildo and ruin it. Save your regular dildo for other “fucking” fantasies. And don’t use a popsicle to pretend it’s a vampire dildo. A popsicle is way too cold to do anything for you but numb out your pussy or ass and make a mess on your sheets cuz the popsicle melts.

The vampire dildo makers disclaim an association with Twilight and I understand that they don’t want the Twilight people chasing after them with lawyers. But most of us Twilight fans have fantasized about getting fucked by Edward from Twilight and consider The Vamp to be a Twilight dildo. I have fantasized about how Edward would possess me sexually and how hot or make that how cold it would be to have sex with an immortal. }Scarlet Angel{