Gothic Girl Lolita Dresses – Goth Fashion Statement

Lolita isn’t the book by Nabokov well Lolita is a book by Nabokov but in goth fashion Lolita is the term given to a Japanese street fashion trend inspired by clothing design of the Edwardian n Victorian eras. Japan has launched a lot of fashion trends in the alt scene like Hello Kitty for the Emo Girls n Cosplay (costume play) for the Cosplay n Steam Punk Girls.

Lolita fashion started in Japan about 20 years ago n has been adopted as a current goth fashion trend especially in the US and UK. As an Edwardian example see Helena Bonham Carter’s black gown she wore to the Oscars that I wrote about. Very Lolita style. She got fn ripped on the fashion blogs for the dress: like she looked in shambles like she walked out of Dickensian novel like she looked like a Dress Lodger* but I knew what she was going for n I’m sure most Lolita fashion fans did too. I have a couple of Lolita dresses I bought on eBay Japan. But then I found this website with a lot of Lolita dresses not too out of reach spendy. I have my eye on this one:

Black Goth Fashion Lolita Dress

n this one:

Black Gothic Lolita Dress Fashion Trend

Likey? Mostly I wear Lolita dresses to parties cos otherwise ppl would think I work at the Renaissance Faire as a serving wench who brings tankards of mead to the wood plank table. Yeah the Ren Faire @ here gives jobs to a lot of ppl in the summer. I was thinking about applying if I run low on cash. Don’t I kind of have a medieval fairie girl look?

*Dress Lodger is a 19th century term for a London street prostitute who would take over the dress of a hooker who had died of disease n then when/if the girl died from same disease, the dress would yet again be passed on to the next unlucky prostitute. I learned about this sad fate in one of my Fashion Design classes. This would be an example of a Dress Lodger-esque Gothic Lolita Dress:


Dresses by

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Goth Punk Marching Bands and Fashion

One of my friends who is going to UT in Austin Texas texted me that he saw 2 Goth Punk Marching Bands at SXSW the big music festival. The marching bands were holding up traffic in a parade. They were playing a wild music mix of punk rawk goth squawk.

goth punk marching band

I should join a goth marching band. I can really play a musical instrument. I used to play clarinet I could buy one at a pawn shop n pick it up again. Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails he was in a marching band when he was in HS he played saxophone. But around here where I live I’d be lucky to find someone who even knew what a goth punk marching band was except maybe a few of my friends? Reminds me I have to text them to check my goth vixen blog for the latest thing I wrote as if they fn care…

The one thing I like about old marching band stuff is that it pops up in thrift shops n you can find cool looking jackets n vests especially if you’re into goth or steam punk. I wish I had the fn money to do steam punk. But steam punk fashion takes way more cash to get outfits together. You have to wear more leather gear n have more cool accessories. }Scarlet Angel{

The First Goth Girl Dead Girl in Hollywood

I don’t watch the Oscars it’s like whatever. But one of my friends texted me n said OMG I should check out Helena Bonham Carter’s dress online. So I googled it n up came pics of her in this Victorian or Edwardian type dress. It was kind of gothic. With the right accessories n make-up could have been goth. She had a purse shaped like a fan. Make that a Victorian era lady’s fan with lace overlay now that was cool.

Helena Bonham Carter is Gothic

But the coolest part is that she’s married to Tim Burton who directed Beetle Juice. He’s a totally gothic director. Winona Ryder as Lydia in Beetle Juice is like a goth dead girl even tho she’s alive. If you know anything about dead girls that is a goth term and popular goth girl website. So was Lydia one of the first real gothic girls in a Hollywood film? Did girls start dressing like Lydia after the movie came out? I don’t know since it was back in the 80’s before my time. But I luv what Winona as Lydia is wearing here. It’s just pure goth. I want to work a doll into an outfit. Time to hit the thrift shops with my gfs. }Scarlet Angel{

Lydia in Beetlejuice First Goth Girl in Hollywood Film